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Mental Health Counseling


Our mission is to bring health and wellness to individuals through empowered choice and the highest quality holistic, wholistic, integrated care and collaborative education. It is our goal for our clients to experience H.O.P.E. when working with After the Storm: Healing, Opportunity, Progress and Empowerment. We also belief that no one should have to compromise quality of care because they cannot afford services, and our values reflect that.

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Therapy Services

"Healing the Future Through Treating the Past"

Integrated whole person care services and tools for treating traumatic stress and related mental health conditions. Sessions are held in Charlotte, North Carolina. Call us today to make an appointment.


1210 Davie Ave

Statesville, NC 28677

5200 Silchester Ln 1210

Charlotte, NC 28215

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She Is All Things


If you needed permission to be all that you want to be, look no further, this is your time. Let no one tell you what you are supposed to do and not supposed to do because you are who you are. Although our lives may limit what we can do now, no other person has the right to tell you or discourage you from ever making your dreams come true and being all the "things" you envision. You have the right, when it is your time to make your life yours, to be free to be fully you and release everyone else from the burden of their opinion of your life. 

Therapy Services


Let's Change Our Minds Together

"Your Mental Health, Your Choice"

Course on managing YOUR mental health and prevention

$20.00 - Stress Management, Yoga, Meditation and Reiki

Fitness, Fun, Fresh Food, Community and Family, Fresh Air

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Integrated Nutritional Consultation for Optimal Health

Stress Management



Yoga Services


Violence Education and Care

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