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She Is All Things

If you needed permission to be all that you want to be, look no further, this is your time.

Let no one tell you what you are supposed to do and not supposed to do because you are who you are. Although our lives may limit what we can do now, no other person has the right to tell you or discourage you from ever making your dreams come true and being all the "things" you envision.

You have the right, when it is your time to make your life yours, to be free to be fully you and release everyone else from the burden of their opinion of your life. You have a right to be bold, brazen, charismatic, shiny, attached, detached, loving, kind, honest, strong, brave, humble, proud of your work, authentic, seek justice, and a warrior to fight. It is all yours friend and I have no doubt you can and will become all that you desire in this life.

She Is All Things is a chronicle into the divine feminine, the courage to stand and be both identified as feminine and embrace those characteristics traditionally known to be masculine. You see we have it all in us and if it is there, it is there to be used. Here you will learn for you, when you need these parts of yourself, how to put it in practice and how to be proud of all you are, not just about what you do. Be all things because there is only one person who can be ALL you.

She Is All Things blog posts and book (Coming Soon)

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