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After the Storm


Therapy Services, Coaching Services, Yoga Services, Online Groups, and In-Person Groups


Bringing "health" back to mental health: Our Commitment to you is to bring health back to mental health by providing the highest quality holistic, wholistic, integrated care and collaborative education for our clients, to empower clear choices for preventative services as well as management of mental health challenges. Let's change our minds together.


Therapy Services

Integrated whole-person care services and tools for treating traumatic stress and related mental health conditions. 

Resources and Tools


These independently published resources and tools are available to you at a 1:1 ratio. This means that every dollar received from the proceeds of these books goes directly to the making of the books and mental health services only. My goal in this offering is to continue to do my mental health work, continue to serve under represented people, and those who need access to excellent mental health services, particularly for PTSD. Your purchase of these books, helps to ensure that those that need services, continue to receive them.


Bringing "Health"

Back to Mental Health

Our values are to provide completely transparent donation based services to clients that YOU provide for. Our promise to you is that donations for services will go minimally to admin, and almost entirely to client services. Join us in providing the greatest care to those in greatest need. No one should have to compromise quality of care because they cannot afford services. 


Clients Served

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